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We specialise in the Integration of IT systems…


We develop “Orchestration Applications” that simplify file transfer.

What We Do

We are Integration specialists. We enable IT Systems to exchange data via file transfer or Messaging.

Many IT businesses are looking to move to FTPS to support its file transfer estate. However, moving to their vision of FTPS is often a minefield as migrating from expensive COTS products can be complex and expensive.

Our Integration specialists can guide your organistation to make your vision a reality and save you money to boot.

We develop “Bespoke Orchestration Applications” that allow our clients to easily mange business integration needs. We are specialist developers of File Transfer Orchestration Software.

Our product Xorca is a totally unique Orchestration layer for File Transfer which fuses seamlessly with the FTPS, SFTP protocols and integrates with any File Transfer COTS product.

  • Facilitates the replacement of expensive Legacy File Transfer products.
  • Enables non-technical team members to perform configuration of routing rules.
  • Seamless integration with COTS File Transfer products.
  • Add routes and test the with ease and speed.
  • Proven integration with the following File Transfer products:
    • Axway Gateway
    • Axway CFT
    • Boldon James Impart
    • SFTPPlus
    • vsftpd
    • eNDI
    • UTM
  • Provides a flexible orchestration framework for File transfer integration and will help businesses which wish to migrate to less expensive file transfer solutions.
  • In-built Work flow functionality can be easily enhanced to provide specific business driven customisation.
  • Navigator Client provides a visual representation of each route configured, its work flow and the target to which it is sent
  • Encryption/Decryption of Files via PGP or GPG
  • Provides the following functionality:
    • Anti-Virus
    • Checksum
    • Compression/Decompression
    • File splitting/merging
  • Agnostic of COTS Products and Transfer Protocols
  • Simple configuration to enable File Transfers to multiple receivers
  • Support for Integration with Transformation Services
  • Comprehensive logging for integration with Systems and collection of Management Information.
Our Integration Consultants will help you to handle you file transfer and messaging estate. We are Architects, Developers, Testers and Support Specialists that will waste no time getting up and running. Becoming an instant asset to your team.

We have extensive experience with a variety of File Transfer protocols and COTS products and specialise in complex Data Transformation and Security.

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Timely Support

We pride ourselves on being attentive and understanding of our clients needs, and do what we can to deliver outstanding support

Innovative Ideas

We are innovators in our field and produce unique integration solutions and tools

Legacy & Current Technology

We have years of experience and have worked with have worked on some large scale Integration Projects. As such we have worked on all types of systems from VME and IBM Mainfraime to Linux and OSX.

Clear Communication

We strive to be excellent in all our communications. Whether we are writing formal reports or simple emails. We understand the importance of clarity.

Meet The Team

Chris Falck

Chris Falck

Lead Integration Consultant / Director

Chris is the Director and Founder of Tickbox. He has 30 years experience of the IT Industry and has worked on large scale IT developments and has performed a variety of roles as Consultant, Architect and Developer and for many years has specialised in Enterprise File Transfer Integration.

  • Integration 95%
  • File Transfer Protocols 95%
  • Security 80%
  • Programming 80%
Jo Frodsham

Jo Frodsham

Company Secratary / Office Manager

Jo keeps our team running smoothly. Jo silently runs the office, deals with contracts, tax affairs, suppliers and dealing with our agents, accountants and legal team. She also handles the management of our Web Sites and Hosting company.


  • Business Administration 90%
  • Contract Management 75%
  • Project Management 70%
  • Website Hosting Administration 75%
Steve Carruthers

Steve Carruthers

Integration Specialist - Messaging

Steve is the teams specialist Messaging consultant and has experience with Websphere MQ and other messaging systems. Steve has worked in a variety of industries and has experience working with enterprise integration systems in the Government Industry.

  • Integration 85%
  • Messaging Systems 95%
  • Security 75%
  • File Transfer 85%
Jayne Bickerton

Jayne Bickerton

Integration Specialist - Transformation

Jayne is the teams specialist Data Transformation consultant and has many years experience working products such as eGate. Jayne has many years experience in the Government Industry and has supported complex enterprise integration services.

  • Integration 85%
  • Data Transformation 95%
  • Security 75%
  • File Transfer 85%

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